My weight loss journey with weight watchers

My weight loss and weight watchers

Weigh In Tonight!

Tonight is my weigh in and I am hoping to show some loss, but even if I don’t, I feel better for starting this and sticking to it.  My husband is predicting three pounds, I am hoping for anywhere between 1 and 5.

 In the past week and a half (I unofficially started last Monday) I have increased the amount of fruits and vegetables, decreased the amount of sugar and soda, increased my water intake and increased my fiber intake.  I am even trying to force myself to eat breakfast in the morning.

 My next step is to get on a regular exercise schedule.  I plan to start walking, but I am not sure what time of day.  I am not really a morning person, so I don’t see myself getting up early to walk.  Most likely I will be walking at night after dinner.

 Since baseball season has started for our  youth league I am going to put my tennis shoes in the van and start walking the parking lot while my son is practicing.  That will force me to exercise at least two days a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays).


March 12, 2008 - Posted by | Weight Loss

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