My weight loss journey with weight watchers

My weight loss and weight watchers

One pound down 94 to go

Weight Watchers says my ideal weight is around 126, so according to them I have 94 pounds to reach my ideal weight, and I have 21 pounds to reach my 10% goal.  Although 126 would be nice, I am being more realistic and setting my personal goal at 140.  I told my mom that this time next year I would be raiding her closet (she is a size 8).

 Last night was my weigh in and to be honest I was hoping for more than one pound, but one pound is way better than no pounds, right?!

Eventhough I “only” lost one pound this week, I have noticed some significant changes.  First I have more energy already.  Second, since I have been drinking more water my RLS and back pain is slightly decreased.  Third, since cutting out the soft drinks (except for my daily Coke Zero for the caffiene) I have not really battled with headaches like I thought I would.  Fourth, since adding breakfast (I am not a morning person and don’t like to get up to fix anything before work) I have more energy in the afternoon than I did before.  Fifth, I am really not tempted by foods as much as I thought I would. 

 My key on eating is the points.  If I realize how many points a particular food will cost me I think twice about eating it.  I don’t want to overdraw my account.  I thought about trying the Core Plan, but I love the accountability of the flex plan.


March 13, 2008 - Posted by | Weight Loss

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