My weight loss journey with weight watchers

My weight loss and weight watchers

Disappearing Act

I am slowly watching the pounds disappear.  I hope wherever they go, they never come back again.

I had weigh in yesterday and I am happy to say even though it is that time of the month I still pulled off a loss. 

Down another 1.4 for a total of 16.4 and less than six pounds from my 10% weight loss.

I will soon be entering Onederland and am enjoying the view.

People are really taking notice and women are asking me how I am doing it.  I proudly say, “Weight Watchers, you should give it a try.  It is a great program.”


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Happy Dancing, I had a loss at WI

Lost 4 pounds. Yippee Skippee!

7.1 to get to 10% goal

6.1 to get me to Onederland

Not losing as much or as fast as some, but I know the slower it comes off the easier it will be to keep off.

I love, love, love WW.

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A gain…oh well

I have been extremely stressed over the past few weeks, and I guess my gain is a result of not concentrating on the plan like I should.  I gained one pound which leaves me with a total loss to date of 11 pounds.  My week starts over today, so I will just get back on track and try again.

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